About The Author

When I started raising rabbits in 1993, it seemed hard to understand the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) Standard of Perfection.  All of the terms seemed overwhelming as I tried to decipher the Standard without prior knowledge.  I didn’t know what to look for in a good rabbit.  After much time working with 4-H clubs, with the Michigan State Rabbit Breeders Youth Association (MSRBYA), and with new exhibitors, I see that this area still needs more work.  When I competed in the ARBA Breed Identification Contest, I realized that many of the breeds and varieties represented in the contest are not exhibited in my local area.  For many of those rarer breeds and varieties, the only time to see them was at the ARBA Convention.

I wish books like this would have existed when I began in rabbits back in 1993.  I have designed these books to incorporate tools and information that are necessary within the respective categories. While at the show table, the terms and phrases used by the judges were difficult to understand as well. Hearing many times a rabbit is flat, hippy, chopped, pinched, undercut, peaks too far forward, or lacks depth, I decided to learn what the terms really meant.  While showing in state and national sweepstakes circuits, I have had to learn what to select in body type in order to be competitive.

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Helping you breed better rabbits, good luck!
David Moll
Author Rabbit Tutor Series
ARBA Judge #896